by paul epworth

As you may already know, I am not your standard music video director. A little bit more of a film-maker and storyteller. Art and aesthetics are extremely important to me, and I have been trying for so long to push boundaries with artists to get them to experiment with abstract film, and surrealism in music videos, and very few have been open to venturing outside of the typical gloss and polish. Which has led me to take a pause waiting for the right artist who sees eye to eye with me and is serious about their art. And let me say reading this treatment made me so excited, almost as if someone had read my mind. Not only does it move me conceptually, but I have been anxiously waiting to do a 70’s period piece as well. The era is such a visually striking backdrop; mid-century homes (the Stahl House reference is one of my favorites), the furniture, the vehicles, the fashion, and the filmmaking, is all incredibly inspiring to me.

My goal is to make this feel like a film with an amazing soundtrack. A trippy beautiful psychedelic film where every scene and every shot in itself will look like a beautiful image. Which will then be pieced together to create an insane abstract art film.


I see this as a stylistic piece thats crafted as authentic to funky films made in 70’s as possible.

My first instinct is to shoot this on film. I would love to shoot on 35mm using the same lenses, camera angles, transitions, and camera movements from the 70’s recreating the look and feel of the era. Bright. Vibrant. Flashy. It has a subtle grain structure, not at all gritty and grainy, all the while still retaining sharpness and detail. Film creates colors and movement in ways that connect with the viewer, registering on a deeper emotional level. Its subtle, but when used, theres nothing better. We would use modern day scanning/post techniques so the film will be super clean, cinematic, and HD.

My approach is to create an elevated visual language that immediately says “not ordinary”. Signaling to the audience that our filmic world is special. It encourages us to look differently at whats going on within the frame and helps us dig deep into these “psychadelic” moments looking for a deeper possible meaning (or finding no meaning at all).


Google deep dream blew my mind! I love the idea for it to be the basis of the VFX reference. I think it would also make sense to reference psychedelic art in conjunction with it as well. A mixture of the two while incorporating current techniques to absolutely avoid it looking cheap or corny.

Here is a link to a VFX artist that I think could be great for this project. With some direction and references I think he could create some moody and cinematic visuals perfectly.


Using an iconic 60s/70s architectural masterpiece like the Stahl house is needless to say cinematic all on its own, and will require little to no staging to achieve an authentic feel from the era. For wardrobe again we would adhere to the time period and keep it cool and stylish. I also think it would be great to use a car from the late 60s early 70s. Even at the end when they are in the “future”, I imagine it be the future that the 70s envisioned. Not the future we today imagine. For example, in the 70s while imagining flying cars they would have imagined their current 70s car that is flying. However, if Tesla were to product place as potentially discussed, then I am not opposed to the original ending of the Tesla flying. Its a time warp, its abstract, theres really no rules or logic to abide by...


Thanks again for letting me dream here for second, and for the opportunity to create something so awesome with you all. Love the overarching concept and think it has great potential. I can’t wait to put together an incredible team that will really execute and make this so “well done".

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to bring more specific detail to my process, and I look forward to bringing it all to life!

Thank you,